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14 September / 2020

Anti-Corruption Annual Report 2019-2020

The Anti-Corruption Commission (“the Commission”) has submitted its 2018/19 Annual Report (“the Report”) as required in accordance with s.9(b) of the Anti-Corruption Law (2018 Revision) (“the Law”).


The Report provides the community with details of the work undertaken by the Commission during the reporting period, including statistical information regarding arrests, interviews, searches, etc. Details of the topical issues faced by the Commission are also detailed.


In addition, general education information such as an overview of the Commission’s powers, duties and functions, corruption offences in the Cayman Islands and sets out offences detailed in the Law.  Further, the Report includes a section on Reporting Corruption.


“The Commission recognises the value of the public’s commitment to assist in its anti-corruption efforts” said Chairman Richard Coles. “The Commission is committed to continuing to explore ways in which the public can be kept more informed about its work whilst ensuring confidentiality; the expanded statistical section in this Report does that” the Chairman continued.


Members of the public are encouraged to review the Report and to assist the Commission, and its Investigators, where possible. 



ACC Release on 2019-2020 Annual Report