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29 September / 2016

Press Release: ACC's Inaugural Meeting

The newly appointed members of the Anti-Corruption Commission held their inaugural meeting last week.  Chaired by Richard Coles, all members discussed in depth the role and the work of the Commission.  

The Commission was created under the Anti-Corruption Law, 2008 (the “Law”) which came into effect on 1 January 2010. The Commission is responsible for the administration of the Law. The Law gives the Commission broad powers to receive and investigate reports of corruption or suspected corruption. The Commission is also permitted to freeze assets with the approval of the court and to assist and receive assistance from overseas anti-corruption agencies. In each case the allegation will be fully recorded, and a decision taken as to what, if any, further investigation or action is appropriate including referral to the Director of Public Prosecutions for disposition.    

Under the Anti-Corruption (Amendment) Law 2016 all the members of the Commission are from civil society; there are no ex-officio police or government members. In addition, the Commissions Secretariat now employs Investigators who conduct the day-to-day investigatory work of the Commission. These Investigators have the power of arrest and, subject to the approval of the Court, the power to obtain search warrants for evidence.  

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