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31 October / 2019

ACC Press Release Re Convictions

Statement re: Convictions

On 31 October 2019 verdicts were handed down by a jury in the final trial following an investigation into corruption of the administration of English-language tests by a number of individuals, five of whom are public officials.

In this final trial, three defendants (one being a public official) were convicted of Conspiracy to Commit Fraud on the Government contrary to s.11(1)(a) and s.52 of the Anti-Corruption Law (2014 Revision).

Defendant 1, a female public official aged 59 of the George Town area, was convicted by majority verdict; whilst Defendants 2 and 3, females aged 40 and 36 (respectively), both of the West Bay area, were convicted by unanimous verdict.

These Defendants join those Defendants from the previous trial on bail pending the completion of social enquiry reports. A sentencing date has yet to be fixed.

The Commission will make no further comment until the completion of sentencing by the Courts.