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04 February / 2016

Press Release by the Anti-Corruption Re Convictions Against Mr. Canover Watson

Following his arrest on 28 August 2014 Mr. Canover Watson, a 45 year old businessman from the Prospect area, has been found guilty today, 4 February 2016, by a jury of his peers of the following five counts:

  •  Two counts of Conspiracy to Defraud contrary to Common Law;
  •  One count of Conflict of Interest contrary to sections 19(2) and 19(3) Anti-Corruption Law 2008;
  •  One count of Fraud on the Government contrary to section 11(1)(c) Anti-Corruption Law 2008; and
  •  One count of Breach of Trust contrary to section 13 Anti-Corruption Law, 2008.

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