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Civilians appointed to anti-corruption commission

30th May 2011, 2:30pm Press Release

Sir Peter Allen, known for his time in the Ugandan judiciary during and after Idi Aminís time in power, has been appointed to the Cayman Islands Anti-corruption Commission, along with Leonard Ebanks.

Minutes 2011

26th February 2014, 1:47pm
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Focus Newsletter

26th February 2014, 11:41am
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25th February 2014, 5:24pm

Annual Reports

20th November 2013, 8:27am
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Minutes 2013

13th November 2013, 4:45pm
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OECD Progress Report 2013

10th October 2013, 10:59am
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The Anti-Corruption Commission has broad reaching powers, to investigate reports of corruption, liaise with overseas anti-corruption authorities, and obtain Court Orders to freeze the assets of those suspected of comitting corruption offences. The ACC has been formally created, in accordance with Part 2, Section 3 of the Cayman Islands Anti corruption Law (2008), to take responsibility for the administration of the said law. The ACC is considered a vital body for investigating reports of corruption to stimulate accountability and public confidence.